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March 23, 2017


Mary Ann Nelson

The MDE list of effective schools' characteristics is focused solely on inputs: nothing cited about achieving concrete student learning results! Results are not only summative test scores but include school-based data about whether (and how) each of the input areas are working and to what degree stakeholders say they can be improved.
On school choice, MN offers many choice options as reported, but post-secondary enrollment options was missing, and online learning expands choice, too. During my 30-year career, I encountered many visionary education leaders and community leaders who promoted all choice options for students. As someone who early in my career feared public schools losing resources and I too hated the "voucher" word, I was wrong. Our students' falling academic learning results cry out for us to care and listen to what innovations might help our kids and us. Let's really put kids first and promote ways to help each student to achieve academic success. Even with choice options, the high performing public schools will continue to attract students because success inspires more success.
Thank you for an intellectually-stimulating blog, and for inviting feedback!

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